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Professional Care For Your Pet

Royal Pet Care

At Royal Pet Care we understand how important your pets are.  That’s why we offer you the care that no other company can match. We are flexible to your need.  Whether you are at work, stuck in traffic, or missed your plane back home, Royal Pet Care is here for you.  Our service does not operate on a fixed schedule.  We are not a 9 – 5 service because we know that living in a city like ours, many unexpected things can happen.

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Quality You Can Count On

We offer quality care for your pets when you need it. 



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Royal Pet Care has a huge selection of pet supplies and food for all types of pets. We sell everything from pet foods, pet toys, grooming products, supplements, training aids and more! Visit our stores to Save on Top-Rated Pet Brands.



Vaccinating your pet has long been considered one of the easiest ways to help him live a long, healthy life. Cat and dog vaccinations are an important part of pet healthcare and are key to preventing diseases like rabies, feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and canine parvovirus.

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Professional Pet Care

Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of veterinary care and affection.

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